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Hey folks, Rocky from Cobblestone Homes here. Lots of people ask, “just what is the Showcase Home?”.  Well, it is the premiere annual project of the Greater Fort Smith Association of Homebuilders.  Since we are an association of home builders and like businesses, there is no better way to show our community what we do, than doing what we do, (aka build homes). Is that confusing? Stick with me.

Our association has built one of these houses every year since 1988 and a couple of years we built two (and then decided one was enough.. )! One of our great local associates, Arkansas Oklahoma Gas, has been our stalwart presenting sponsor since the beginning. We appreciate them a ton! Each year the Association gets proposals from member builders to supervise construction of the house. In that proposal is what the builder’s vision is for the house, which neighborhood it is to be constructed, and what Real Estate agent will market the house for sale. The Builder doesn’t receive compensation per say as far as direct profit, but they get miles of PR and advertising, as well as a chance to show potential customers their skills and commitment to being a leading builder in our area.

Association members and businesses get the opportunity to pitch in, show off what they can do, and suggest what products they want to feature in the house during the annual parade of homes (highlighting the Showcase Home of course). This Year Cobblestone Homes and Justin Green Custom Homes are tag-teaming to bring a terrific and special house to fruition in the Crest of Stoneshire at Chaffee Crossing. We’re really excited about this opportunity!

It truly is an association wide effort that Justin and I couldn’t be more proud of helping to lead. This house is a brand new, totally unique design.  We were inspired by courtyard style houses that make the inside seemingly part of the outside and vice versa. But, I don’t want to give too much away because we want you to come and visit this home to see for yourself!  There are so many details and features that simply must be experienced in person. Come see us during the 2019 Parade of Homes in Stoneshire at Chaffee Crossing, October 18th-27th 1:00pm-6:00pm daily. Hope to see you soon and don’t forget to say hey while you’re here!