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I’m not trying to sound all Nat King Cole here, but there’s just that feeling deep inside which only seems to surface around Christmastime. Part of it for me is the music (although I never can seem to really soak it in until December begins). We would begin around a week before Christmas making goodies to hand out to neighbors, but I couldn’t imagine it being the same without Andy Williams or Brenda Lee serenading us while we worked. I was always perplexed how the same old songs could never go out of style. But the more I think about I’m pretty sure its because what those songs stand for, family, tradition, joy, will forever be what ties us together. No matter the time of year.

The Holiday season always brings its share of challenges, whether work has you tied up or maybe life is just turning an unexpected direction. Whatever the case, we hope the best for you this Holiday season. For anyone looking for a way to make this Christmas unforgettable, here are my top 5 favorite ways to celebrate Christmas in Fort Smith! 


Christmas is about stories. Stories about the night before Christmas, a little Who in Whoville, or the greatest story of all from Luke chapter 2. The Christmas Carol is one of those stories for our family. Plus, making it even more realistic, the King Opera House in Van Buren is the perfect location with incredible heritage and history!


The Holiday Express has always been a family favorite around Christmas time and this year is celebrating their 20th anniversary! The kids always imagined it being our local little Polar Express and think it’s the coolest. With lights around the entire park, a gentle little train stroll through a winter wonderland, and the only cost being whatever donation you feel comfortable with, we usually make it out a few times!  


I know not everyone really connects with knocking on doors and serenading random people, (our family has tried at times and that’s a story for another day lol), but watching Christmas music really gets me into the Christmas spirit. The ArcBest Performing Arts Center always puts on some incredible performances! This year, they are performing the Nutcracker, and would no doubt be a festive outing! Whether it’s for the whole family or a much-needed date night, make to grab your tickets while you can! 


One of our new favorites is the Winter Wonderland in Chaffee Crossing. Right on Wells Lake in a beautiful portion of Fort Smith, it really immerses you in a world of Holiday spirit! Can’t say I’ve ever seen Santa’s workshop but if Fort Smith had one this would be it! If you’re looking for a way to really experience a world of Christmas, check them out here


Our family’s absolute favorite tradition has to be driving around and looking at Christmas lights. Waste of gas for sure, but nothing makes December feel like Christmas like packing in the family car, grabbing some warm coffee or hot chocolate, and experiencing everyone’s unique display of Christmas cheer! Some favorite neighborhoods have to be Fianna Hills, Riley Farms, and not to brag, (or maybe bragging a little 🙂 ) our brand new Stoneshire Neighborhood has some really stunning light shows going on.

We’re also hosting our annual Christmas in the Crest with free coffee, pasties, and even a few gift card giveaways on the evening of Saturday the 14th! Whether looking at Christmas lights is a deep tradition for you or a new addition to your Holiday rituals, give it a shot and swing by Stoneshire while you’re out! For more info hit the link and let us treat you to some Christmas goodies and giveaways! 

Mandy Walker is the Interior Design Specialist with Cobblestone Homes.
Contact Mandy at mandy@cobblestonehomes.com