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We hear people ask all the time,

“Why Cottages”, “What is the difference”. “Is it just a gimmick?”. Not really, let me fill you in on why we’re so excited about the Cottages.

Cottages in the valley at Chaffee Crossing’s beautiful Stone Shire were inspired by historical homes in Fort Smith. We wanted a modern community with that friendly “at home” atmosphere. Honestly, we wanted a neighborhood that felt intimate yet secluded simultaneously. Fayetteville was the first shot at Cottages and it turned out amazing! So, we thought it would be a grand idea for the River Valley, we just needed the right location.  That’s when Chaffee Crossing appeared out of thin air (not literally but almost

We then began working on two new districts of Stone Shire that we are finishing now. The Crest, a more traditional neighborhood with larger lots, and the Valley where we saw Cottages fitting nicely. The landscape lent itself perfectly both in size and layout for this community. We wanted an area that was just right; not too big as to be unwelcoming but not too small as to be unattainable.  We needed just the right feel. And after all that planning and working, we think it’s unlike anything else Fort Smith has yet to see (but we’ll let you decide that).

So picture this. When one descends Donnington Court into the Valley, one notices the area looks like a little village with warm inviting homes. The houses are single family detached for privacy and offer homeowners their own yard while sitting close enough to feel cozy and neighborly. 

The homes are surrounded by Ben Geren Park and have direct access to the running, walking, and biking trails. Not the marathon type? No worries, you don’t even have to leave your comfy chair to feel secluded and experience nature. With only 22 houses in the entire Stone Shire Valley, the cottage lifestyle remains fairly exclusive.

The outdoor access and “near nature” feel contribute to a healthy lifestyle that almost makes one forget you’re in the city. Quick access to work, restaurants, shopping and medical care make Stone Shire an ideal location.

And yes, for you busy-bodies wondering, homeowners will not have to concern themselves with yard, landscape maintenance, or irrigation water costs as this is all covered in their Property Owner’s Association dues. You can thank us later.

So then, who belongs here? Well frankly, anyone wanting to live amongst nature and relax in a detail-oriented home, yet still be within minutes of your favorite cup of coffee or restaurant. This neighborhood is perfect for everyone, but has already become home for folks like young professionals all the way to retiring folks looking to downsize.  We really believe in the freedom and beauty of the Valley of Stone Shire. If you’ve been considering an efficient, well-built, and sharply designed home that brings a smile to your face, come pay us a visit and experience the Cottage lifestyle before the chance is gone.

-Rocky Walker