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Excited to build your new custom home but not sure where to begin? Every custom build is a process that is uniquely your own. Start with finding your answers to the following questions and then contact us to Request a Meeting to discuss how we can help make your dream a reality.


Step 1


Get pre-qualified at the financial institution of your choice

Step 2


• We need to know the location in which you want to build your new home. It is important for us to determine at the very beginning if your build will be within the range in which we build.

• Think about the land that you want to build on. Do you have land purchased or are looking to purchase land for your build? Do you prefer to build on a lot in a subdivision or on a lot in one of our Neighborhoods? The terrain in which you wish to build affects that cost of the build.

Step 3


• Consider the square footage you want your home to be.

• How many bedrooms and bathrooms would you prefer? It is important to note if you would like any additional rooms such as a study, playroom, or media room.

Step 4


Have an idea of the time range that you would like for your build to start and be completed. 

Step 5


Do you have a plan that you want to use for your build, or are you interested in looking at the options we have available? We have several plans that you can choose from if you would like. We can also work together with you to create a plan that you will love.